In which they sally to King’s Mountain in Carolina on the 18th and 19th of August instant, and place on their bodies garments of wool, and of jeans, and of other hot and annoying fabrics, and fight among Ferguson’s rabble as Tories, as is the wont of those whose loyalty is only as strong as the ale served to them, and for which the Refugees wish to extend a hearty thanks to our hosts, The King’s Own Patriots.  (A great bunch of fellows, and highly charitable to a very green band of rowdies.)


Mr. McCulloh gingerly examines the loud end of his piece.















And Mr. McCulloh practices his bayonet drill as a foolhardy member of the KOP stands in the danger area (anywhere in the front of Charlie) and swings the Rebel effigy.










Mr. Brown takes over for Charlie after the poor gentleman formerly given the job of ‘swinging the Rebel’ is laid to rest behind the tent.  (The Refugees are hard upon friend and foe alike.)











A volley for the spectators.














Well done, gentlemen!
















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