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Revolutionary War

     The Brigade of the American Revolution



The Kings Own Patriots


The Northwest Territories Alliance


RevWar Campaigner—For all you hardcore types…NO, NOT THAT KIND!  Todd Post’s well researched and informative site on living history, and the best methods for eliminating so much of the obvious anachronisms which remain entrenched among the more mainstream reenactors.


The American Village—A recreation of Colonial America in Montevallo, Alabama.  One of our members, Chris Long, is the living history coordinator for American Village, and Linda Jo Smith is one of the guides.


The RevList, a mailing list for those interested in the American Revolution and the 18th century

  —Just about anything you would want to find regarding the Revolution—billions and billions (more or less) of links, a comprehensive site by a couple of very nice folks, Michael and Sonja Meals.  Links, services, event listings, history—little bit of everything.


18th Century New England Clothing and Accouterments.  Great resource for reenacting; geared toward Battle Road events, but useful for general information




War of 1812

Jackson’s Lifeguard—Mark Hubbs’s “other” group



R  Civil War

The 22nd Alabama Infantry Regiment CSA—Charlie McCulloh’s “other” group



Co. G 10th Texas Infantry Regiment CSA—One of Tripp Corbin's “other” groups


Critter Company — This would be Tripp's Cavalry Group


Western Independent Grays Battalion—An other one of Tripp Corbin's “other” groups


Authentic Campaigner—Similar to the RevWar Campaigner but for the Civil War. Contains a wealth of information for the Civil War reenactor that wants to do it right.



Historical Trekking—Not for fans of the original Star Trek, but a great site if you have an interest in living history.  Proclaimed as “the most comprehensive site on the internet dedicated to Living History, Historical (or Period) Trekking, Experimental Archeology, and Experiential Anthropology.”


Know Nonsense, a site devoted to early 18th century life (pre-French and Indian War) in the Southeast.


Warplay—A new site dedicated to honoring soldiers across all time periods through reenactments, militaria displays, living history, etc.



Southern History—A new site dedicated to all aspects of southern history.




Wilkes County/Kettle Creek Links


Washington, Georgia Homepage.  The county seat of modern day Wilkes County.


Wilkes County, Georgia Genealogy Site.  A portion of the GaGenWebProject, edited by Tom Hammack.  Includes some of the links on this page, along with a bunch more to sites of various interests.


From the same Wilkes County site, “An Overview of Local History” by Robert Willingham.


And yet another link from Mr. Hammack’s site, a virtual tour of the Kettle Creek Battleground.


Third Brigade, Georgia State Defense Force.  Not the U.S. National Guard, but the legally constituted, modern day equivalent of the Colonial/Revolutionary era militia.  The Area of Operation for the brigade (St. Mary’s, Savannah, and Augusta) is roughly the same as the original settled areas of the state, including Wilkes County.


General History/Research Links


GeorgiaInfo  an exhaustive list of all things Georgia at the Carl Vinson Institute of Government, University of Georgia. Includes a huge section of stuff in the “General Information-Georgia History” section.  (Main Page)

   (Georgia History Page)


Georgia Revolutionary War military records, census data, etc.


The Historical Society of the Georgia National Guard  a non-profit organization formed in 1988 under the direction of The Adjutant General of Georgia to promote, educate and perpetuate the history of the Georgia National Guard and Militia. 


Beneath These Waters—Archeological and Historical Studies of 11,500 Years Along the Savannah River.  An incredibly detailed site based on a 1993 book, with much information about the Savannah and Broad River basins, and the backcountry of Georgia and South Carolina.  By Sharyn Kane and Richard Keeton.



The Army Lineage SeriesGeorgia Regimental Lineages of the Revolutionary War  This is where lots of the information in our timeline came from.


The Army Lineage Series—The Continental Army by Robert K. Wright.  A tremendous piece of work, and where we got even more stuff for our timeline.


Carlisle Barracks—The United States Army Military History Institute—Very nice resource site with listings of orderly books and other unit records and where they may be accessed, along with a large section of good


A series of nice school articles and quotations about the Revolution


Another big page of articles and links about the Revolutionary War


Encyclopedia Britannica


The Enlightenment—Yet another site of interesting pages, with links and information about art, architecture, philosophy, textiles, and other such cultural stuff pertinent to the Eighteenth Century


The Army’s General Dennis J. Reimer Training and Doctrine Digital Library, an electronic “library without walls.”  The Library is the single repository of approved Army training and doctrine information.  This has absolutely nothing to do with reenacting, but it is nice to know that the preferred method of clearing a building entry in an unsecured urban area is the use of a tank round fired through the front door.  All kinds of current military manuals and training materials.


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