Onwards to Old Salem, North Carlolina!  My thanks to Charlie McCulloh for providing a huge wad of photos of the Refugees over the weekend of September 22 and 23.  In order to help load these more quickly, I have not placed them on the page, but have just given our gentle visitors links to each photo.  This turned out to be a great event for the Refugees and we appreciate the kindness extended to us by everyone we met.  


The following was posted by Will Gore on the RWProgressive mail list—it is used without his permission, but I had to include it because he speaks nicely about us, and we need constant positive verbal reinforcement:


“Old Salem was an excellent event.  Thank you to all who helped put it together and carry it out, most notably, Chuck LeCount and NCV.  Well Done!


The event was a perfect mix highly involved, active living history and a calm, relaxing weekend.  Saturday was full of authentic activities and vignettes, including Loyalty oaths, drill, and even a shoe requisition. 


Sunday was more laid back, with a lighter schedule.  As always is the case with Southern Dept. events, evening and free time was filled with socialization and merriment.  I have come to enjoy the many opportunities I have at Southern Dept events to fraternize with my old friends and meet many new ones.  It was good to see old faces, as well as many new faces from the Deep South and Midwest join us for this great weekend.


Participation was split pretty equally between minimalists and non-minimalists. The campaigner platoon was larger, but the “tent” camp was fuller with presence of the NCV and the hospital.  Campaigners present included Logan’s Kentucky Militia, Wilkes County Georgia Militia, and the Culpepper County Militia Orphan.  It was a great mix of impressions                  (even though we we’re all militia), because the civilian clothes and militia          accoutrements ran the range.  And Wilkes County get a special recognition in my book for performing so well at our second drill with such a minimal amount of practice!  You guys look good!





So, having dispensed with the self-congratulatory stuff, on to the picture show!


First, a series showing the presentation of the fellows and their clothing:

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, and Six


Some of the beautiful buildings on the grounds of Old Salem:

Here, and here


The firing of indiscriminate volleys in order to provoke the awe of various standers by:

Making ready to Boom, Boom, and BOOM!


Making like soldiers by standing around, loitering, and waiting with the utmost urgency:

Sittin’, Standin’, Standin’ in a group


And saving the best for last, a couple of fine pics of a couple of fine folks, Charlie and Ruth McCulloh:

Close, and Less Close


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