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Current Projects

Artillery Impression — With the Cannon completed we are trying to gather information to put together a Continental Artillery impression. Mark Hubbs is leading the way. You may ask why Continental? Why not use our current Militia impressions? Well our initial research has revealed Militia did not normally operate as Artillery units. Cannon was a scarce item and those that where available were pressed into regular service. Hopefully more information will follow.



Past Projects

Completed BAR Application— We completed our final application to join the BAR. Here is a link to the documentation we submitted to join. It is in adobe acrobat format.


Cannon Limber IS COMPLETE—Our artillery commander (I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU PLAY—JUST PLAY IT LOUD!!) Mark Hubbs has finished his construction of a reproduction horse-drawn limber for “our” 3-pounder cannon.  (This cannon really belongs to the group of War of 1812 reenactors known as Jackson’s Lifeguard of the Tennessee Militia.  The Lifeguard site can be found at Mark, the possessor of this fine piece of artillery, and a member of both the Lifeguards and the Refugees, has been a great help in making sure we will be able to fend off Tories with much noise and smoke.     Ross Rich’s trusty steed, Beau, has agreed to pull our cannon and be nice and not kick us, and Ross will be producing the requisite 2-5/8” diameter iron balls for it.  Remember, guns good.  BIG GUNS REAL GOOD!  We will post some more photos of the limbered cannon when Mark gets around to posting them on our maillist.


Clothing Research and Construction—The lovely and talented Charlie McCulloh, a Refugee and also one of the members of the 22nd Alabama Infantry Regiment CSA ( has undertaken the unenviable task of stitching shirts and pants and coats and haversacks and on and on.  We continue to try to get definitive information about the Continental uniform for Georgia troops for future expansion of THE GEORGIA REFUGEES’ impression, but in the meantime, we (well, Charlie) is concentrating on producing civilian items right now.  In the “Our Members” pages, you can see some of Charlie’s handiwork in the clothing he and Terry Oglesby are wearing.


The 1778 Georgia Militia Act and the Order Book of Colonel Samuel Elbert—The Militia Act has been posted!!!!  After a couple of grueling days of typing gruntwork, we have managed to transcribe all of the Militia Act (which we had previously misidentified as being from 1777, rather than 1778) and have posted it over on the Historical Documents page.  We are still planning to get the Elbert Order Book on here somehow, someway, but it will also probably involve much cursing and swearing.  I have given up trying to do an OCR of the document, so more hand typing.  (Blech!)


Paleolithic Reenacting with Grog the Caveman—You STILL stay tune for article series on proper wood for club, and how avoid farby looking bearskin thong underwear.  Me also not think that bone in nose proper for late Bronze Age.  Other good stuff coming.


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