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Who Are the Refugees?

The Georgia Refugees are a group of manly men, most of whom just happen to be able to cook and sew;  and we have fine women who can shoot and have been known to dip snuff.  One of us even lives in Georgia (not that there’s anything wrong with that.) 


More to the point, we are living historians and reenactors, interested in recreating the time period of the American Revolution, specifically in the state of Georgia.  We chose this time and place for several reasons; our own geographic proximity, our interest in history, and the fact that the Georgian troops, both Continental and militia, have seen little representation among reenactment groups.  The “Refugee” tag comes from the name given the bands of citizen soldiers who took to the back country after the fall of Savannah, Sunbury, and Augusta to continue the fight against King George.


We hope to accurately portray a little known group of men, and in doing so, gain a better understanding of our common heritage to share with our friends and neighbors.


We are a small group right now, comprising barely a platoon of men.  However, it is our intent to remain as true as possible to recreating the particular time and place of revolutionary Georgia, and therefore we would rather concentrate our time on research rather than recruiting.  Our small size allows us to be somewhat selective, and to keep our membership pointed in a direction of high quality and veracity in our impressions and interpretations. 


This website is one of the ways we intend to keep in contact with each other and the world.  Since your lowly original adjutant, Mr. Oglesby, was learning how to make a website when this one was created, some of the things don’t quite work as well as intended.  Please be patient as we continue to work out the bugs and try not to take too much offense at some of the odd stuff. 




One caveat to mention to you—this site was originally composed using the webpage template in Microsoft Word 2000 by our first web master. Apparently His Excellency, the Supreme Commander General Bill Gates has made sure that by doing this, the final resulting pages wind up looking like hammered poo when viewed with Netscape Navigator.   I (that I being Tripp Corbin) am now using a different software package however since it is also from the His Excellency General Gates I make no guarantees it will be any better.




For those who would prefer to skip right to the newest stuff, we have added a new feature known as The Not Quite Useless Blog, which is a tedious, yet dreary, look at every update we can remember adding to our site, along with the new ones we can recall.  But, it does let you see the most recent surgery if you’re in a hurry, so it does have some use, even if you don’t like web logs.


Thank you for stopping by and reading.  If you see anything to be corrected, please drop a note to Mr. Corbin at . As he is maintaining the site for free, he may or may not fix it.  (You just can’t get good help nowadays!)


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