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It occurred to me the other day (March 26, 2001 specifically) as I was completing one of my many search-and-correct-spelllign-errors missions, that this website has been through a heap of changes since December, 2000 when this site was begun.  What kinds of changes?  Well, I couldn’t quite remember them all because I hadn’t been keeping up with it, because initially it didn’t seem too important.  However, as the site became better read by the general public, I thought it might be nice to have a place for return visitors to see what has been updated.  


The changes completed after about March 19, 2001 or so are accurate; before then are less so, and may resemble the oxymoronic literary genre of historical fiction (no offense, Lyn!).  Way back when, I used to let our members know of changes I made by posting them over on the Georgia Refugee e-mail list; those entries were easy to find, but everything else is a bit hazy.  


So, here are the site updates, in reverse chronological order:



August 2 Added some questions and answers about gear guns and shoes to our FAQ page. Hopefully this will help some of our prospective recruits. I also tried to update our members list.


July 16 Added picture from Huck's Defeat 2003


February 13 Added more pictures from Kettle Creek 2003 (I am not going to link this one. I figure you can use the one below. Just because I am lazy doesn't mean you can be). Updated current members list.


February 12 Added Pictures from Kettle Creek 2003


January 26 Add pictures from Kettle Creek 2002, Updated some information in Introduction page, Created Past Events Page, Updated links page, Updated Equipment Page


January 18 Added Info and Guidelines for Kettle Creek 2003




February 13—Although my knees are still stiff, I have just about recovered from our weekend at the commemoration of the 223rd Anniversary of the Battle of Kettle Creek, outside of Washington, Georgia.  This was the Refugee’s first time to visit the site in a big group, and we have a LOT of people to thank.  First, we were the guests of the Samuel Elbert Chapter of the Georgia Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, so to them we offer our sincere thanks.  Second, thanks to all of the spectators who stopped by the campfire to chat—there were several hundred folks who made the trek back into the battle site and we appreciate all of the kind comments.  Third, many thanks to our man (using the term loosely) Steve Brown who coordinated with everyone involved and got us invited in the first place.  We are grateful for Steve’s continuing hard work and his willingness to don long, flowing wigs and dance around the campfire.  Few militia companies have ever had such a willing fop.  Fourth, to all of our guys who made the trip—a few of you had to drive a goodly piece, but the resulting assemblage of stinky fellows in odd clothing certainly made it worthwhile.  Finally, a GIGANTIC THANK YOU to our favorite Tory, Mr. Charles LeCount of the King’s Own Patriots for falling in with us.  Chuck’s knowledge and ongoing willingness to assist the Refugees has been of enormous help to us.  Chuck willingly took on the unenviable task of drilling us, but by the end of the day Saturday, there was not a single Refugee who did not know how to rest or shoulder his firelock.  So to Chuck and all the other members of the KOP, “Hooty-hoo.”


In the coming days, we will post a full after-action report with all the sordid details of what happens when you mix men, fire, beans, cold, darkness, and a total lack of scruples.  We will also post all sorts of pictures (remarkably free of goat porn), so please check in again soon.


January 29—Well a couple of changes, one of which you probably already notice if you have ever visited before, that being the above intro paragraph to the Site Update page has gotten markedly shorter.  This is due to my decision to redact my former rather snippy references to webblogging.  This has nothing to do with my recent change of heart about blogging.  The fact that I now have my own blog (Powered by Blogger—Isn’t yours?) has absolutely nothing to do with it.  Really. 


The second is some very good genealogical information that has come our way from Harold Hopkins, a descendant of Lambeth Hopkins.  It can be read over on the Biographical Information part of the site.  The Refugees wish to express our great appreciation to Mr. Hopkins for helping us out!


The hit counter today is at 7908, and the site stats for 2001 look something like this: 


1.  From March to December, we had about 5040 hits (before March, there were about 800 more, but I didn’t add HitBox until March)


2.  Most of the folks who followed a link to our site were referred by the Carl Vinson Institute of Government site administered by the University of Georgia.  (As much as it goes against an Auburn grad to say it “Thank you, UGA!”)


3.  34.5% of you spent from 1 to 5 minutes wandering around, while a further 43.7% of you stayed 6 minutes or longer (including you odd .25% type folks who spent over an hour.)


4.  74% of you were first time visitors, while there was an insane little posse of you, 67 in number, who visited between 25 and 99 times over the year.


5.  Our highest rated month was April, when we got 741 hits, and our lowest was March, with 303.  Most months we average about 450 hits.


6.  Our most requested search term was, aptly enough “georgia refugees” although we did have one hardy soul who found us by searching “pictures africa civil war and refugees.”


7.  As I have noted all through the year, we get visitors from around the world, and many from our various branches of government.  To all of you, thank you for your continued support and good wishes.




December 18—Revised the wording of the above introduction to this page.  (Yeah, I know, WOW!)  We have gotten back our initial comments from Norman Fuss of the BAR, and I have much work to do to our submittal.  Lots and lots of work.  Nothing a large, gas-powered garden trimmer can’t handle, I hope.  I want to thank the folks from the Unaboard who came by and offered some constructive criticism of the site: robgruver, Popup, sdimbert, and mattk.  They gave me some great tips which will one day be incorporated into this site to make it easier to use.   I probably won’t fix anything else before the start of the new year, so from me and all the other Georgia Refugees, have a happy Ramachannu-wintersolstichristmakwanziday.  And a Haaaa-Peeeeeee Newwwww Yeeeeeaaarrrrrrrrr!


December 4—A few minor corrections to various bits of code in some of the pages, and finally got around to fixing the graphic on the Tondee’s Tavern page.  I also just figured out that all of the old hyperlinks to Tondee’s were never updated down in the entries below, so I have gone back through and fixed those, too.  I continue to find not-quite-workable bits of artifacts of earlier iterations of this site, so if you see something that needs work, be sure to let me know.  I have uploaded our BAR submittal document to the server, but due to its cumbersome size, huge imbedded tabular data, and Navigator-unfriendly formatting (thanks Microsoft!), its download quality is spotty and slow.  I tried accessing it from home on a 54K modem with my Navigator browser, and got a whole load of crap after waiting about five minutes.  BUT, it you are just ITCHING to read it, you can try it and see how well it works on your machine.  It can be read (using great liberty with the definition of “read”) from this link.  This will get fixed in time, also, just  give me some time!


November 27—Well, it’s been a while since we talked, now hasn’t it? Here in the U.S., we have just finished up our Thanksgiving holidays, and one thing I remain thankful for is that I don’t live in an Afghan cave! BLU-82s play all hell with the furniture and drapes.  Anyway, on to the update.  One little bit of tidying up The Refugees had to do lately was our submittal to the Brigade of the American Revolution of our historical documentation. It is a cumbersome, yet unwieldy, 755kb mass of electrons (which translates into a meaty 61 pages of single spaced, 12 point, letters and sentences and charts and stuff.) We believe one of the strengths of this documentation is our use of the ledger book of Captain William Manson, the founder of the Friendsborough settlement in Wilkes County. His detailed plantation records mark the purchase and sale of many items, but for our purposes, the most important entries are those for clothing and cloth items. Our submittal document is not yet available on the website, because we want to get back comments from the BAR first. We will post the link as soon as we get some feedback and make any corrections.


In other bits of housecleaning and general mayhem, I made a slight edit to the Timeline in order to correct the entry for the Battle of Briar Creek to reflect the fact that General Ashe’s men were rebels, not Tories. Also, a few weeks ago, I corrected the link to GooseBay Workshops; and the old hit counter is now up to 6, 981 or so.  And I just now had to fix this stupid page after I just now uploaded it and figured out that I didn’t know as much about cutting and pasting HTML code as I thought I did!


I have mentioned it several times in the past, but I just want to say again that we appreciate all of our visitors, especially those of you who live abroad and pay us a visit. I was looking at our stats for the past few months and it is great to see all of the folks who have dropped in: UK (10); Canada and Saudi Arabia (7 each); Australia, Denmark, Hong Kong, and Japan (4 each); New Zealand (3); Germany, Portugal, Singapore, and Spain (2 each); and Finland, France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and Taiwan, all with 1 each. Whenever I see an international visitor, I try to work in a “thank you” in your native language, but I seem to have missed a bunch of you.  So, THANK YOU!


October 9—Whole page of new photos of Old Salem added to the Members section. Many thanks to everyone up there in NC who took the Refugees under their wing and made us look almost coordinated.


In other matters, we remind everyone that even though our hobby deals with recreating the past, the events upon the 11th day of September, 2001 brought us very forcefully into the here and now.  Many of The Georgia Refugees have taken this opportunity to reevaluate our priorities and commitment.  Whatever course the lives of our individual members may take, one thing we recall from Thomas Jefferson is the statement that the tree of liberty must occasionally be watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants. We have many military folks both here and abroad who view these pages, and from the bottom of our hearts, please know that you are always in out thoughts and prayers during this momentous time. To the enemies of freedom and liberty, we say simply “Expect no Quarter.”


August 21—New Pictures of King’s Mountain added to the Members section.  We cannot thank our friends with the King’s Own Patriots enough for the good times they afforded us.  Great bunch of fellers, even though they tend to enjoy being Tories a bit much.


August 17—Added a link for the website, and managed to not strangle my oldest child as she got ready for school.  “DAAAaaaad, jeans are too hot.”  Voice of Reason--But, your shorts don’t meet dress code.  “BUT.  MY.  JEANS.  ARE.  TOO.  HOT!”  I felt like Dr. Strangelove when he couldn’t control his hand—“MUST-VIGOROUSLY-APPLY-HAND-TO-BUTT!”  Managed to redirect hand to my head so I could pull out small clumps of my hair.  Ahhh, preteenagers—Can’t live with ‘em, can’t eat ‘em.


August 14—So, Terry, why no updates for a month?  Sleepin’ on the job, eh?  NO!  Just been doing other things, such as clothing research for our BAR submission.  Hopefully, we have found a good primary source information about the types of cloth and clothing available in Wilkes County at the start of the war.  In the book Quaker Records in Georgia by Robert Scott Davis (Augusta Genealogical Society, Augusta, 1986, pp 196-254) there is the record of Captain William Manson who settled in the Ceded Lands of Georgia in about 1773 with a group of 100 indentured servants in a place near Wrightsborough that he named Friendsborough.  The book includes a recap of one of Manson’s ledger books for the year 1776 to 1777, and in it are contained many references to purchases by folks for cloth and for the making of clothing, along with a huge amount of other goods such as tools, food, dinnerware, and on and on.  Our intention is to do an analysis of this cloth data to help justify our clothing requirements.  I have been working on this for several weeks now, and have gotten some interesting things out of it.  When I get finished and get everything nicely formatted, I will put it here on the website for everyone else to use.  As far as I know, this is the first sort of analysis done of this sort for the backcountry of Georgia.  Although I do not intend for it to be as exhaustive as the Howard dissertation of Virginia runaway clothing, hopefully it will be much more pertinent for who we represent. 


In other news, be sure and look for some of the Refugees at King’s Mountain next weekend.  Yes, Georgians fought at King’s Mountain—about 30-50 or so under Clarke.  (‘Nother thing to look up and post—guess I’ll do that in my ‘spare time.’)  And the hit counter is up to around 5180.


July 13—New photos of the group taken at American Village on the 4th.  I will be adding some more to these in a few days after I get around to opening the ones Charlie sent me via email.   Also made that new feller Tod Jordan a picture page linked off of the Our Members page.  Various other pages have been updated to reflect the new picture additions and all the furniture was given a light dusting and the rubbish taken to the kerb.  The Tondee Tavern page in .htm still does not look the way I want it to—it would be so nice if I used a webpage tool that gave me a better idea of what the final product will look like for people using either Netcrap Navigator OR Internet Destroyer.  Yes, once again, I do know such magical items exist.  The ol’ hit counter is now up to around 4670 or so, and a buenos dias y gracias shout-out goes to our recent visitor from España. 


July 12—After receiving a very nice email with an offer to update the crappily done .doc files in the Tondee’s Tavern section, I have finally updated these insightful and useful bits of information into .htm files that may actually be readable by people with Netscape.  Of course, my biggest problem here lately has been getting things to upload to the Tripod server.  I can’t tell if it’s my machine, or Tripod, or both.  AND, stay tuned for updated pictures from the get together at American Village on the 4th. 


June 27—An ever-so-slight updating of the Links page to add a site called Warplay to the general reenacting section.  Also, remember, if you are going to be in the central Alabama area for Independence Day, The Georgia Refugees will be out at American Village in Montevallo for day long demonstrations of cannon firing, drill, and humourous repartee.  You can get directions to Montevallo from the American Village website, which is amply crosslinked to several pages on this site.


June 25—Added a photo of Tom Keen to the Roster of current members.  A hearty Wilkommen, und Grüß Gott to our recent site visitor from Germany.  Over the course of the last few months, we have also received several hits from Honk Kong and Taiwan.  Since I am very leery of trying to post anything in Pinyin, (I have a hard enough time with English) I will do the next best thing and just say “Hey y’all!”  which I think is pretty much universal.


June 14—Added a new document to the Historic Documents page—a carpal-tunnel-syndrome-inducing retyping of the Georgia Militia Act of 1778.   Now I know that Governmentese is tedious, but this thing was apparently intended to be an exercise in trying to construct the longest known sentence, with the most number of subordinate clauses, which, as is known, must be separated, as it were, with commas, or other such punctuation, such as semi-colons, or dashes, or other such, as may be needed, to properly break, or separate as aforesaid, the subordinate clause, from, and always from, the main clause, excepting those cases in which the clause is further subordinate to another subordinate clause.  AND to make Matters worse is the peculiarly unpredictable Pattern of capitalizing words, Some of which, seemingly, are not made large when others of like Nature take such capitalization.  AAAARRRGGHHHH!!!!  If you can read the Act for more than five minutes at a spell without going blind or hurting someone, you are a better man than I!  But, it is pretty interesting if you get past the grammar, punctuation, and spelling.  Kind of like the stuff on the rest of the site.


May 31—Hit counter over 4000.  Added a deposition given against John Cunningham for his conduct at the July 22, 1777 Engagement at the Oconee River to the Timeline, and excerpts from the Elbert Order Book showing the outcome of Cunningham’s court martial.  (He was acquitted, by the way).  The History page was also updated to include this information, including correcting the date of the encounter.


May 25—Added a lengthy description to the Timeline of the May 21-23 Engagement at Ogeechee Road and Ferry, aka Browne’s Defeat, aka Harris’s Bridge, from Todd Post of the 2d Virginia


May 16—Added a description to the Timeline of the April 1781 Engagement at Wiggan’s Hill written by Kim Stacy of the 84th Regiment of Foot, with further details provided by Patrick J. O’Kelley.


May 14—Added a description from Patrick J. O’Kelley about the May 12-13, 1776 Engagement at Cockspur Island to the Timeline.  And a special birthday wish to my scrawny little buddy, my son Jonathan, who was born seven years ago today!


April 24—Added a new link to the Historical Documents page to The American Colonists’ Library.


April 20—Well, I just couldn’t stand it.  Ten whole days without an update was about to kill me.  So, we now have more names added to the Original Members listing, taken from the Wilkes County GenWeb site listing of those who fought at Kettle Creek.  Arigato to our visitor the other day from Japan, and continued thanks to all who view out site.  Be sure and sign our guestbook!


April 10—Several more new Toulouse photos and a new page for Ruth McCulloh.


April 9—Hit counter past 3,000.  Posted new photos for Fort Toulouse, and a picture page of Chuck Blake.  You know, speaking of our little get-together at Toulouse, dropping 35 pounds and walking about 16 blocks every day was probably a good idea for me, given that rolling a cannon around is darned tiring.  Had a visitor from Finland this morning.  Tervehdys! Kiitos!  And all them other Finnish words to say thanks for dropping by.


April 6—Added a new page for all of our links and copies of Historical Documents, which got to be too big to go in the Table of Contents.  AND, someone signed our guestbook!  Get ready for some new stuff next week after we get though at Fort Toulouse this weekend.


April 2—Added a link to to Links page.  Still waiting for someone besides me to sign our DREAMBOOK.  [Note to self:  Gee, what if no one shows up for my slumber party?]


March 29—Added a guestbook link down on the Homepage.  [Note to self:  Good grief, when will I quit adding all of the latest fads from 1996?  NEXT BIG THING:  Dancing Baby .gif !]  I really wanted a guestbook from Tripod, but their database is down and so I settled for the Dreambooks! book.   I really hate that name.  Sounds like something a 10 year old girl would have, right next to her Barbie CD burner and Hello Kitty scanner.  I am really enamored of the HitBox statistical set; interestingly, the Refugees are now international, thanks to a visitor from Taiwan.  These stats do not list anyone’s name or specific location, only top domains, so don’t freak out.  Many thanks to all of our .mil, .gov, .edu, and .arpa users for stopping in.  


March 27—Screams of horror when I got home last night and viewed this here page with Netscape—parts of the text WAY off to the right, lines jumbled together on top of each other, generally crappy looking.  Upload a hopefully corrected copy to the server.  [Note to self:  Just give up trying to figure out this stuff.]  Very minor editing on the Equipment List dealing with the clothing and hair parts.  (Parted hair, hehehe).  Added a link to this page in the Table of Contents frame, way down at the bottom.  Converted the document explaining the Latin motto found on the home page from a .doc file to htm.


March 26—Hit counter at 2,700.  Updated the Timeline to give credit to Patrick O’Kelley for his good information gleaned from his postings on the RevList and to kinda reword the intro to better describe the contents.  Made some minor notations on the Current Projects page to say that the limber is finished (yea!) and that the scanning of the Militia Act and Elbert’s Order Book continues at a glacial pace.  Slight polish of the Georgia Maps page to take out the swirly curlycues on the title and give the page a background color.  [Note to self:  No more curlycues!]  Added this wonderful page of blog as a link off of the Introductory Information page.


March 23—One of the things I really missed (okay, the only thing) about our old GeoCities site was that it had a pretty good set of site traffic log statistics, so I took the long overdue step of adding the HitBox on the main page.  I don’t really care too much for knowing what’s happening on all the pages, so I just kept it on the main page.  Lots of interesting data, NONE OF WHICH GETS SHARED OR PASSED ALONG TO ANYONE, so please don’t shy away!   I’m just using it to track numbers of visitors and time spent and such, (and to download all your credit information.)  Set up a NEW FAQ page with all sorts of irrelevant stuff.


March 22—New page for The Wilkes County Militiaman’s Manifesto,” ripped off from “The Authentic Campaigner’s Manifesto” with the kind permission of Colonel Nicky Hughes.


March 21—Update to the Favorite Links page to add the RevWar Campaigner site.


The next two items briefly step out of the boring reverse chronological order, just because it makes a better read that way:


March 19—I come in Monday morning and receive the rude awakening that our website has been removed from Tripod due to violation of the terms of service.   Also, no files on the file server.  Break out into cold sweat.  Write plaintive email to Tripod.  Find out that another unit, the 4th Company, Brigade of Guards, has also been removed.  Obviously, it’s some sort of dark, anti-reenactor conspiracy aimed at silencing the voices of reason and freedom!  Or something.


March 20—Tripod responds that they goofed, and there is no vast left-wing conspiracy.  Site is back up and running as well as can be expected.  Continue to receive at least two more responses that they goofed up and were really sorry, and that there was no vast left-wing conspiracy.  And no Illuminati, either.   Nope, not the Trilateral Commission, either.  “Ignore the fellows outside your window, they’re just the building cleaners.”  Pssssshyeah, right!  I know when a vast conspiracy when I see one!  Those orgone generators don’t mean anything, I’m so sure!  [Note to self:  Must stop reading everything on the Internet, except for the Annika Sorenstam Worship Page.]


We now return you to the boring reverse chronological order. 


March 13—Updated the Schedule of Events page to correct the date for Fort Toulouse.


March 12—Added more names to the Original Members page and cleared up some of the information already on there.


February 27 (or so)—Mark receives our notification that we have been granted Applicant Member status with the BAR, and our unit number is 310.


February 22—Updated Our Members to give Linda Jo and Al their own pages.  Added new Original Members page with biographical information about Wilkes County militia members.


February 21—Updated Favorite Links with one for  the Historical Society of the Georgia National Guard and one for “This Day in Georgia History.”


February 12—Updated Timeline with a couple of engagements from Patrick O’Kelley’s list posted to the RevList.


February 6—Added article to Tondee’s Tavern called The Newby File, and added an Easter egg-ish link at the bottom to the script for the Monty PythonÔ skit of the Spanish InquisitionÒ, simply because no one expects the Spanish InquisitionÒ.


February 5—Make pass through entire site correcting John Dooly’s name.


February 2—Added the Schedule of Events (finally).


February 1—Added the new Unit History page written by Steve Brown (with a light edit by me).  Hit counter makes the 1,000 mark.  Approximately 843 of these hits are me trying to make sure the pages are working right.


January 31—Updated the Favorite Links page to rearrange it into a few categories, and  added four links to sites dealing with Wilkes County.  Also uploaded a new page of colonial and state map information entitled  Maps of Georgia.” (I thought the title up all by myself.)


January 30—BIG revision to the whole site to aid navigation and make the whole site less confusing: 


1.  New title page with photo and unit designation.  Clicking on photo will take you to a page of introductory information.  Added Google search engine and new FastCounter at bottom of page.


2.  New introductory page leading to single pages for contacts, faqs, etc, etc.  Individual pages mostly still under construction.


3.  New member page with roster of men and women present at Saturday’s shindig, along with photos from the event.  New photos are links with no text, just the picture.  The original photos and text we had are still there, but I will be updating all pages eventually so that they load quickly (no more .doc files). [Note to self:  I think I have this picture thing figured out]


4.  Deleted pages for Continental roster and biographical info on Continental Line members.


5.  Revised the Contact page to add the beautiful picture of me and make it load right, and fixed the links to our mail list.


January 29—Revised the Equipment List for about the fifty jillionth time with Continental references removed to better reflect our militia impression, and it still needs work.  AAAARGGHHH!


January 27—Our first organizational meeting, and when we officially adopted our unit designation.


January 16—Added article to Tondee’s Tavern called Help Me, I’m Dyeing Here!  (Yes, we are a clever lot)


January 8—Added article to Tondee’s Tavern about leather.  Sorry, no whips and chains stuff.  And finally break all ties with GeoCities and begin exclusive use of Tripod.  I noted at the time that for some reason, during the days I was uploading stuff to our new site, our GeoCities site mysteriously went down.  Never got a response from GeoCities as to why.  Hmmm.   The old account was cancelled.  Also between December and now had added a small hit counter, which gets up to about 240 or so before the move.  I forget to transfer the number to the new hit counter.  Oops.


January 4—Added nice picture of the three-pounder and started up the beta version of our site on Tripod.  Wow!  50M of space!  Still need a lot, though, to take care of Charlie’s picture page, which is 2M (!) all by itself.  [Note to self:  Wonder if this can be fixed?]


January 3—Added article to Tondee’s Tavern about tumplines.


January 2—Lots of complaining to GaRefugee mail list folks about crappy GeoCities service.  Began looking at Tripod and Homestead.


January 2—Added a few photos to the photo pages.


January 1—Massive computer network failures, planes falling from the sky, power blackouts all around the country, anarchy and chaos in the streets, dogs and cats living together, general calamity and panic as The End of The World as We Know It actually happened.  You just didn’t hear about it because of the massive governmental cover-up. 




Remainder of month of December spent noodling around with stuff.  As I said up at the top, I can’t recall much of what I was doing to the site, other than I remember it about this time that Yahoo! took over GeoCities for keeps, and the file service went to the Bad Place.  Although Tripod does have its moments, it was nothing like the crappy interface that replaced the original GeoCities File Manager.  Also beginning to figure out that when stuff is composed in MS Word, it looks totally different when viewed with Netscape Navigator.  Odd little letters and pieces of code where once roamed decorative curlycues, text no longer properly formatted, text in completely different font.  Hmmm.  [Note to self:  Wonder if this can be fixed?]


December 14—Tondee’s Tavern opens for business with the first three articles by our members, and information about its namesake in Savannah.


December 8—Boldly (or badly) going where millions have already trod, we launch the original Georgia Refugee website on GeoCities.  Originally, this site was strictly related to the Second Georgia Regiment and was a testament to how little I know about building a website, with lots of .doc files imbedded with images.  Slow to load?  Why yes!  But, it was the best we had way back then.


Home page