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Some of our members include: 


Captain John Cunningham’s Coy., Wilkes County Militia


Chuck Blake, Steve Brown, Larry Burk, Tripp Corbin, Warren Dickinson, David Folds, Robert Fryman, Jonathan Harton, Mark Hubbs, Alex Jordan, Tod Jordan, Peter Kreebs, Charlie McCulloh, Glenn Milner, Terry OglesbyBrett Osborne, and Al Stone.


Wives, Refugees, Campfollowers, Baggage, Impedimenta, and Children—


 Kathy Folds, Ruth McCulloh, Linda Jo Smith, and Milicent Yeager.



On July 12 & 13, 2003 a large detachment of the Georgia Refugees journeyed north ward to join our friends in the KOP to meet the dastardly Tory forces gathered Brattonsville, SC . We were once again victorious and much celebration ensued. This Battle is now know as Huck's Defeat.


On February 8, 2003 the Georgia Refugees sallied forth to meet the Tory forces gathered on Kettle Creek near the settlement of Washington Georgia. We were victorious and much celebration ensued.




The Refugees bravely sally forth to Old Salem, North Carolina to show our stuff on September 22-23, 2001. Many thanks to all who put up with our eccentricities.

A few hardy souls journey “over the mountain” to attend the events at King’s Mountain, North Carolina on August 18 and 19, 2001, and were warmly greeted by the members of The King’s Own Patriots.  Despite having to act like Tories, the Refugees had a great time and wish to thank our kind hosts. 


Our second mostest newest photos, of our third scheduled event of the year, the muster day at American Village down in Montevallo, Alabama on July 4, 2001.  Huge turnout by the public and lots of opportunities to interact with folks.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


And here are the now-not-so-new photos of our first unit event, held at Fort Toulouse in Wetumpka, Alabama the weekend of April 6-8, 2001. 


Linked below are the photos from our first meeting held on Ross Rich’s farm down in Chelsea, Alabama on  January 27, 2001.  In the interest of speeding up the download times, these are just the photos for right now, with no snappy patter.  (The snappy stuff will have to come later).


First up is ARTILLERY PRACTICE!!!  (Huzza!)  Here is the gun crew looking all serious, and then a picture of us preparing the piece to fire (notice the large arse of the adjutant filling the photo), and then working the worm to clear the bore.  (And yes, that IS civilization in the background in the form of Ross’s long-suffering next-door neighbors.  And yes, we did fire two blanks, and yes, it was loud, but Ross seems to think they are used to it.)


The next set are the 1st Squad being harangued by our drill instructor, Chris Long from The American Village.  “I don’t know if the British have any fear of you, but you scare the hell out of me!”  Then we have some more of us as we shoulder arms, and take aim.  The lineup you see are in the last two photos, from left to right, are Chris Long, Terry Oglesby, Charlie McCulloh, Al Stone, Mark Lewis, Steve Brown, and Mark Hubbs.


Please bear with us as we assemble more photos.    


Updated August 21, 2001